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Saturday, May 21, 2011


In the past month, I have gone to an estate sale here at home, did some thrift store shopping, inherited a load of silk and other textiles from 40's Japan, went to San Francisco where I visited some vintage stores and a vintage fabric store.  Then drove south toward Carmel, through 17 mile drive where we found another estate sale (best luck ever!)  I have lots of things to show you, but have been too busy to post pics.  This will come in several rounds, but these are all fabrics I got at thrift stores.  All of significant yardage for making clothes.

This is baby blue and brown
This is the same fabric as above only red and white

Baby blue and red stripes

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  1. Yay for these kind of finds, I'm addicted to it! Look forward to ssing the next batch! I love that red pin stripe.